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Figure 1.

Imbalance of dopaminergic and cholinergic modulation can result in movement impairment. () Abnormal dopamine release and enhanced FSI activity may strengthen the output D-MSN pathway and thus promote excessive locomotion. () Dopamine depletion triggers FSI circuit reorganization by reducing FSI connections to D-MSNs. In this case, the strength of the D-MSN pathway may become more dominant than that of the D-MSN pathway, resulting in reduced locomotion. (FS) fast-spiking interneuron, (Ch) cholinergic interneuron, (D1) D-MSN, (D2) D-MSN, (GPe) external globus pallidus, (GPi) internal globus pallidus, (STn) substantia nigra.

Alteration of glutamatergic transmission in the dorsal striatum by blockade of NMDARs may have a role in hyperactivity. Aberrant gamma oscillation throughout the mouse brain, including the dorsal striatum, is observed when psychotomimetics, such as ketamine or MK-801, are systemically applied ( Hakami et al. 2009 ). Hyperactivity in striatal specific NR1 subunit deficient mice is correlated with a reduction of striatal gamma oscillation and, interestingly, hyperactivity can be reduced by either applying D 1 or D 2 receptor agonists ( Ohtsuka et al. 2008 ). Such NMDAR hypofunction induced hyperactivity is thought to result from a reduced number of functional dopamine receptors ( Ohtsuka et al. 2008 ). Examining the consequences of cell-type specific NMDAR hypofunction in the dorsal striatum might be needed to explain the state of hyperactivity.

Studying the excitatory and inhibitory balance in the dorsal striatum is likely to expand our understanding of motor dysfunction (specifically, hyperactivity) that accompanies neurological and psychiatric disorders. Perhaps additional examination of FSIs at the level of channels, such as voltage-gated sodium and potassium channels ( Korotkova et al. 2010 ; Sciamanna and Wilson 2011 ; Verret et al. 2012 ), might better explain how membrane potentials of FSIs oscillate and alter under pathological states induced by an impaired balance of neuromodulators. Furthermore, manipulating specific cell types using mouse Cre-lines and optogenetic tools could provide a method for direct observation of hyperactivity.

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This work was supported by the National Honor Scientist Program, WCU, and the National Creative Research Initiative Program, Korea. K.L. was supported by the Basic Science Research Program (2011-0028240) through the National Research Foundation of Korea. J.-I.K. was supported by a BK21 fellowship.

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4 Corresponding author

Impulsiveness isn’t such a problem when getting started since you’re more likely to get distracted and procrastinate during The Dip. Our main focus for getting started is decreasing how far off the potential end of the project seems, or framed positively, how we can make the project feel more urgent.

By breaking the project down as we did for increasing the Expectancy, you can decrease the Delay since the smaller scope of the broken down project will have a nearer completion date. Finishing Karen’s full guide might take months, but finishing the first three exercises in the first resource might take an afternoon.

To make it more effective, though, assign a date to complete it by . “Finish the first three exercises” isn’t particularly urgent, but “finish the first three exercises by Friday” is. There are two competing philosophies for how to best do this:

assign a date to complete it by

The Parkinson’s Law Philosophy : The Parkinson’s Law philosophy says that you should set an artificially short deadline so you don’t waste time dilly-dallying on unimportant things. It says that by giving yourself a smaller window to complete the task in, you’ll be more likely to get it done efficiently , since “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

The Parkinson’s Law Philosophy

The problem with this philosophy is that while it’s good for creating more urgency and lowering your Delay if you fail to get it done in your tight deadline, you might decrease your Expectancy in the process.

The Planning Fallacy Philosophy : The Planning Fallacy philosophy says that you should set longer deadlines than you expect you’ll need since we’re terrible at predicting how long projects will take us. According to Kahneman and Tversky, only 48% of students completed projects in a time estimate based on “everything going as poorly as it possibly could.” Given this data, it seems we should double or quadruple our estimated time of completion to get an accurate view.

The Planning Fallacy Philosophy

Which philosophy is right? The planning fallacy it turns out applies more to larger, less well-defined projects. You would have a hard time estimating how long it will take to write a book (especially if you’ve never written one before), but if you write articles a few times a week, you should have a fairly accurate view of how long it takes you to write one.

The solution, then, is to set a deadline that’s just below how long it has taken you to do a similar task in the past , so that it’s motivating enough to make you start now and work efficiently (taking advantage of Parkinson’s Law) while avoiding overexerting yourself and failing (from the Planning Fallacy).

Since the word raw is not legally defined or regulated, food manufacturers can market pasteurized, baked, and/or boiled foods as “raw”

The scam of raw almonds in America is one such example.

When you dig deeper, you will find that many brands of “raw” cacao products actually admit to heating them for a short period of time, anywhere from 180 °F to 220 °F, to reduce the bitter flavor.

If you want the real deal – those kept below 118 °F during and after fermentation – then go on Amazon and buy organic nibs from Sunfood or from Navitas Organics .

Technically, the difference between them is that cocoa should be made with roasted beans, while cacao is either raw or made with very low temperatures.

However when it comes to nibs, both are usually in reference to the same thing .

both are usually in reference to the same thing

Because cacao is a less familiar word, some brands will label their cacao nibs as cocoa nibs, even when they’re made using fermentation and low temperatures that qualify as raw.

A few brands though use it to describe something entirely different. Ghirardelli’s “Intense Dark Cocoa Nibs” bar is regular sugar-sweetened chocolate and milk fat, with a few nibs mixed in.

Unlike cacao, chocolate is not raw or even close to it . In order to make true cocoa, which is what chocolate chips and bars are made out from, the beans are heated at high temperatures and then finely ground to make a powder or liquor.

Unlike cacao, chocolate is not raw or even close to it

Despite the name, there is no alcohol in chocolate liquor.

The closest thing to cacao chips will be unsweetened chocolate chips. They don’t have the added sugar and some don’t have added milk, dairy, or other flavors like vanilla. The only difference between them is that the chocolate chips were made using traditional heat-processed cocoa, unlike the nibs which use fermented beans that haven’t been ground.

To add further confusion, some brands use the cacao term for 100% cocoa , even though it’s not raw. As with the word raw, these terms are not legally defined so there is not an “official” definition of each.

Whatever you want to call them, the only mainstream brand that sells 100% unsweetened chips is Pascha. You can find them at Whole Foods and similar stores or get them on Amazon .

Your typical dark chocolate bar will only be 50-70% cocoa , with the rest being sweeteners and dairy (or vegan equivalents). Very few brands sell 85% concentrations and above.

Your typical dark chocolate bar will only be 50-70% cocoa

Alter Eco and Theo sell organic dark bars that are 85% cocoa and dairy-free. Endangered Species and Chocolove Extreme have similar with 88% but they’re non-organic. Equal Exchange is organic.


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